Cell Biology

Abnova is the world’s largest manufacturer for monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. Their products are manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 and GMP certified facility.

Based at Cambridge Science Park UK, Abbexa provides the scientific community with primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits and enzymes for use in research.

In close partnership with the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project, Atlas Antibodies is a Swedish Biotech company that develops antibodies and reagents for Mass Spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics.

AMSbio is a provider of quality life science research reagents and services which help customers develop innovative methods, processes, products and medicines.

Since 2002, Biomatik has delivered 42,000+ custom made products to worldwide researchers. Biomatik is a quality source for Reagents, ELISA Kits and Custom Gene, Peptide, Protein & Antibody Services.

BlueGene Biotech is a manufacturer of ELISA kits, antibodies, recombinant proteins and plasmid vectors for research areas such as cancer, endocrinology, immunology, microbiology and neurobiology.

Cloud-Clone Corp., a medical research and development oriented company headquartered at Houston, consists of four research and development centres: Cloud-Clone Corp. Wuhan, USCN Experimental Animal Breeding Co. Ltd., Cloud-Clone Diagnostic Reagents Institute, and USCN KIT INC.

Elabscience is a professional biotech corporation specializing in immunodiagnostic reagents. It offers more than 20,000 products including ELISA kits, antibodies and proteins.

Led by biotech pioneer and worldwide expert, MIT professor Dr Daniel I.C. Wang, Sino Biological is a worldwide leader in recombinant proteins, antibody expression, cDNA clones, ELISA kits and enzymes.

Dendritics develops and markets mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies targeting the dendritic cells and their micro-environment, thus providing tools for research and diagnostic. Dendritics also proposes on-demand generation of monoclonal antibodies.

The Native Antigen Company (NAC) specialises in development and manufacture of native and recombinant viral and bacterial antigens.

Chondrex is a longstanding leader in the biochemistry and immunology of collagen and collagen-related materials. Chondrex provides a variety of collagen, collagenase, monoclonal antibodies, and various assay kits for use in allergy, arthritis, connective tissue, and nephritis related inflammation research.

Established in 1994, Phoenix Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an expert in supplying high quality peptides, peptide libraries, assay kits including EIA/ELISA and RIA kits, antibodies, labelled peptides, labelled antibodies.

Peninsula Laboratories International Inc. has been a reliable supplier of high quality enzyme immunoassay kits (EIA/ELISA), radioimmunoassay kits (RIA), antibodies (polyclonal and monoclonal) and accessories.

Salimetrics supports thousands of salivary researchers all around the world. Salimetrics salivary assay kits, testing services and collection devices are recognized globally as the standard for salivary research.

Kamiya Biomedical Company manufactures thousands of ELISA kits for research use testing of human samples. K-assay ELISA spans numerous research interests and offer esoteric and difficult to find tests.

Creative Biomart provides high quality recombinant proteins, diagnostic antibodies and antigens, diagnostic enzymes and pharmaceutical enzymes.

Prospec specializes in production of more than 1700 bacterial-derived recombinant proteins, peptides and antibodies. Their proteins are highly purified and stricty tested for excellent biological activities.

IZON Science develops products that analyse individual particle size, concentration and surface charge at the highest resolution possible, so you can be assured of the reliability and validity of your results.

ACROBiosystems is a leading manufacturer of recombinant proteins. The company employs application oriented product development strategy, with a particular focus on protein labeling technology.

MyBioSource is a US based online search portal which provides researchers and scientists with a one-stop-shop for all of their reagents needs such as antibodies, proteins, peptides and ELISA kits.

DRG International is a leading specialty medical diagnostics and equipment manufacturer. It provides a complete range of products and services to the diagnostics and cardiology-related medical community.

Novatein Biosciences is a biological reagents company specializing in the production and supply of immunoassay kits, reagents and proteins to researchers worldwide. They provide more than 10,000 different types of proteins and antibodies, and is one of the richest suppliers of validated ELISA kits.

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